Established in 2016 in Berlin, Z LAB is the innovation lab and incubator for the Zeppelin Group. In keeping with company tradition, we don’t just want to carry out our work well, we want to carry it out even better. We are a key industry player and boast a solid construction expertise. It is our aim to actively shape the future of construction, logistics and infrastructure and to dynamically change these sectors with our innovative solutions. Not only do we strive for digital perfection, we are focused on achieving entirely new levels of success.

Work approach

We provide innovative digital solutions for the entire construction, logistics and infrastructure value chain. Openly cooperating with trailblazers from the various sectors, we are contributing towards the building site of tomorrow, one that is more efficient, better connected and highly automated.


Innovation lab

It always starts with a specific problem, which we have identified during our discussions with construction professionals. Drawing on their wealth of technological expertise, our digital professionals develop prototypes which are extensively tested under realistic conditions, the functionalities of which are then gradually expanded. The focus throughout is on feedback from the users.



A competitive business model is used to launch a new product once we have the solution that guarantees success. We provide our founders with the ideal environment for testing, improving and exploring ideas, a beacon for discovery along the sector’s entire value chain.



We believe that strong partners are needed to move entire industries. Which is why we actively engage with professionals, founders, investors, researchers, students and other achievers with whom we can share our expertise, experience and our vision. To this end, we organise regular meet-ups (Construction 4.0), hackathons and other events.


Our interdisciplinary teams boast extensive experience in digital industries and agile methods. A core band of Group employees collaborating with many new, interdisciplinary colleagues from outside the sector. As a vanguard for digitalisation in the construction industry, we aim to deliver here by bringing the brightest minds on board: product owners, business owners, design thinking and UX experts, sales reps and marketers who come from a variety of fields – all people who critically question how the industry works, people who think outside the box and develop innovative solutions.


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